How Much Does It Cost to Cut Down a Tree?

Possibly the most common question tree service companies hear, cost is a hard detail to nail down when considering tree removal. You may look at a decayed, broken or unwanted tree and wonder how much it costs to cut down a tree, but remember that many conditions affect the overall cost.

What Your Tree Services Pro Needs to Know

It's difficult, it not impossible, to provide the cost to cut down a tree without seeing the property. An experienced tree removal firm will need to assess the general health of the tree, as well as these vital details:

  • Size of the Tree - including height, trunk width, branch length and any other important sizing details.
  • Method of Removal – size often dictates the method of removal, and crane removal costs significantly more than standard tree removal.
  • Access to the Tree –costs change based on access, especially if the existing landscaping does not allow space for the necessary equipment.
  • Safety Factors – certain conditions create safety hazards when cutting down a tree, including nearby electrical wires. Your tree services professional can handle safety factors, but it will affect the final price.

How to Get an Accurate Price

The best way to obtain an accurate cost to cut down a tree is by calling your local New Hampshire tree removal specialist. They will need to visit your property and assess the above details. Once these details have been collected, the contractor should provide a written estimate with warranty information included.

You should also ask about scheduling and methods of payment available. Check to be sure the tree services firm has adequate insurance coverage and ask for references as well. Your property is valuable, and hiring a professional company is important. No matter how much it costs to cut down a tree, hiring a pro to handle the project is smart.

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